One of the main tourist attractions to Solomon Islands, and something that it is renowned for on the world stage, is underwater diving. Diving enthusiasts from around the globe travel here to discover and explore what lies below the ocean's surface. With countless marine wildlife and World War II wrecks to explore, scuba diving is an exciting experience and opens up a whole new world.

If you have never tried diving, Solomon Islands is a great place to learn. Not only is Solomons one of the most economical locations to become a qualified diver, you also learn on some of the most amazing dive locations. Whether you are only here for a short stay, or for a longer-term visit, diving the oceans here is a must do.

Diving, like any sport, if not done correctly can be dangerous. Therefore, there is a worldwide standard that all divers must adhere to, with the most well known being PADI. A fully qualified PADI dive instructor can train you correctly in diving to ensure every dive is a safe and enjoyable experience.

Honiara's experienced dive operators can normally organise the dive course at a moments notice and is conducted with small class sizes, often one on one. This kind of tuition, with experienced dive trainers, is a very privileged experience compared to the regular large classes other dive operators push through in busy dive destinations in other parts of the world.

The course is conducted over three to fours days with the first day primarily being taken up by theory then finishing with a short exam, with it all taking place in an interactive learning style. Despite training hundreds of people to dive over the years, the trainers works through each step patiently and periodically to ensure you gather the necessary information to go underwater confidently.

For beginners, the trainers may utilise a resort pool for the next stage of your course. This provides an excellent and safe environment to become comfortable with using your equipment and breathing underwater. After the pool sessions, it is time to go diving in the open water. Four dives are required for the PADI open water course and from your first descent underwater you will be blown away with this whole new world.

With dive access to amazing reefs and wrecks, water temperatures sitting at close to 30°C, you will never want to dive anywhere else. During your four open water dives, while enjoying the teeming wildlife, you will continue your learning by practicing a variety of skills and techniques necessary to complete the course.

Once the training is done, all that is left is for a passport photo to be sent off with your paperwork and PADI send out your dive license. This means anywhere in the world you can hire equipment and are qualified to dive. But after the Solomon Islands dive experience, it's likely nowhere else will measure up to be quite as good.


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