This is a good choice if you are searching for a quiet and secluded spot. Heavy foliage reaches almost to the waterline, with small clearings, leaving enough room for the parking of one to two vehicles. It is a solitary place, ideal for swimming with white sand, turquoise waters and a good spot to avoid the crowds.
Located 3.9kms after the first one way bridge you drive across heading west out of Honiara.

You can't visit Solomon Islands without getting wet. Some of the most popular island attractions are underwater, so ensure you take time for some swimming, scuba diving and snorkelling. There are plenty of reefs to explore as well as trips to popular dive sites. Wreck diving is also popular, and with many sunken vessels located in these waters, there are an abundance of great spots to explore. Join a tour or book a long weekend to obtain your full dive certification. There are numerous dive operators to choose from.

The shoreline is fringed with tall, sweeping palms that arch towards the sea and resemble slender giraffe necks. This creates a setting for a relaxing and true island atmosphere. Like many beaches here, custom fees apply and prices vary around S$20, depending on whether or not you are swimming, snorkelling or diving. There is an abundance of sea life to explore at Bonegi, mainly surrounding the two sunken war relics. The Hirokawa and Kinugawa Japanese freighters are commonly known as Bonegi I and Bonegi II. The first wreck is 20 metres from shore and the second is visible from the beach. Both offer an interesting insight into WWII history and views of underwater life.
Located 12kms from Honiara Central Post Office heading west.

Tangisaliu is a great spot to set up for a day at the beach, enjoying a picnic or a BBQ, though you need to bring your own hot plate. The area is well maintained with small leaf houses with tables established along the shore and a few rope swings hanging out over the sea from tall palms. Visitors can enjoy their time at the pebble covered beach; however, it is best suited to swimmers rather than divers.
Located 6.3kms from Honiara Central Post Office heading west just after the first one way bridge you will drive across.