Here are some of the important (and interesting) things to know about a visit to Solomon Islands.

Shell money was the traditional Solomon Island currency long before bank notes were introduced. Though still used in some provinces, the standard form of currency is the Solomon Islands Dollar (SBD). There are three major banks, including a number of Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) throughout Honiara and the country. Standard banking hours are 8:30am – 3:00pm. Use of traveller’s cheques and credit cards are accepted in most major resorts and restaurants, but seldom accepted out of a major town.

Modest dress is encouraged and light cotton recommended all year round. Bikinis should be reserved for the resort pool. When visiting villages, women should ensure their attire covers below their knees, as most local women do not wear shorts or pants. Modesty is more an act of courtesy by visitors, especially out of Honiara in rural villages or when bushwalking.

It is uncommon to see signs of physical intimacy between men and women throughout the country. Many men and women hold hands, however with their same gender, as a sign of friendship and respect.

You may encounter people carrying long knives; fight the urge to panic, as there is usually no need to be alarmed. Long 'bush knives' are commonly used throughout Solomons for cutting grass, finding your way through the jungle and even opening canned tuna.

It is recommended that town water be boiled before consumption, though drinking water is usually safe in the major hotels, resorts and restaurants. Bottled water is also readily available.
A common problem in tropical environments is Malaria and unfortunately the disease is prevalent in some remote areas of Solomon Islands. Medication is available, though it is recommended you consult with your doctor for the most relevant information.

Pick-pocketing, though infrequent, is an inconvenience you may encounter in the markets. Exercise reasonable caution and keep your valuables locked away whenever possible. Overall, most tourists don’t encounter any problems in this area.

This is not required or recommended.

240 Volts is standard throughout the country.