“It took one to build this place and another to give it life.”
These are the sentiments of the original owner and creator of Tavanipupu, Dennis Bellotte. Over 20 years ago this resort began and with new owners now on board this year, the resort is undergoing some major enhancements, while keeping the heart and vision of its founders.

With extremely well trained and friendly staff from the local villages nearby, succulent meals, pristine gardens, breathtaking views and local villages nearby, this encapsulates everything that is Solomon Islands, but delivered in a luxurious and elegant style. Spa and massage treatments are also being added to the growing list of features, with a permanent day spa expected to open in mid 2009. The positioning of the resort, at the far south eastern end of Guadalcanal in Marau Sound, means on your doorstep you have access to the quiet pristine waters of the sound, with its numerous snorkelling locations and amazing Pacific deep water fishing, and to some of Solomons most consistent surf breaks. The resort also owns a secluded island nearby where a small private bungalow is almost completed for guests to enjoy.

Traditional drums sound over the resort to announce meal times and guests make their way to the dining hall to be treated to multiple courses of local and international flavours melded together by head chef Derek Pawai. The dining experience is enhanced on weekends by the sounds of a solo guitarist quietly providing background music during your dinner. The entertainment then bursts into traditional dancing and panpipes with a local guide to explain the stories of each song and dance.

The rooms are twice as big as they need to be, the dining hall four times as is necessary, but it sums up both the previous and current management’s vision- to spare no expense and create something truly unique. And they are proud to tell potential visitors that if they are worried about the price- then don’t come. Tavanipupu ensures you will encounter one of the most amazing travel experiences, a place like no other, which is what visiting Solomon Islands is about.

Contact: Phone (+677) 36081