Malaita features access to many cultural traditions that the Solomons are famous for.
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Central Province
Just a short boat ride of around one to two hours from the capital great for weekend getaways from Honiara.
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Western Province
The hub of Solomon Islands tourism and a must see destination for any visitor to the country.
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Located in the middle of Western Province, Munda is a small town overlooking Roviana lagoon.
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This is the main town in Western Province and regarded as the tourism capital.
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Tavanipupu Rediscovered
With extremely well trained and friendly staff from the local villages nearby, succulent meals, pristine gardens, breathtaking views and local villages nearby, Tavanipupu Island Resort encapsulates everything that is Solomon Islands, but delivered in a luxurious and elegant style.
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Sanbis Resort
Encapsulating the tropical paradise feel, while not lacking the conveniences you may expect to go without, Sanbis is the top selection while visiting the west. Nestled along a coconut fringed shore, the resort offers visitors a high level of comfort amidst the charming wilderness experience of these parts.
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The Artificial Islands of Malaita
Experience many of the historical, cultural and scenic delights of the Lunga Lunga Lagoon in Malaita. Situated a short distance from Auki, it is here you will find these curious artificial islands, built just off the mainland with coral boulders taken from nearby reefs.
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