Situated a short distance from Auki, it is here you will find these curious artificial islands, built just off the mainland with coral boulders taken from nearby reefs. The locals here are also well known for their boat crafting skills and travelling through the lagoon you will see a few of their works in progress, with many taking decades to complete.

$200/single per night (shared room)
$385/room per night up to 4 people (1 Dbl & 2 Singles beds)

$220 per person per day
(Children 4 to 13: half price ; Children under 4 Free)

Transfer Options:
BOAT: $350 each way (per boat, up to 8 people)
BUS: Approx $20 each way

Activities & Tours (rates for overnight guests):
Shell Money Production: $300
Bridal gift Presentation: $300
Pan Pipes: $300
Warriors: $300
Gala: $300

Artificial Island Construction & Local House Building : $300
Tradional Cooking: $250
Leaf Sewing, Grass Skirt Making & Bark Cloth Making: $300
Traditional Healing and Medicine: $200

3 Day shell making clinic and tutorial: $POA

** A minimum 2 - 4 days notice is requested on bookings of accommodation and activities if possible please


Owned and operated by local entrepreneur Serah Kei, this well established home stay enables you to experience many of the historical, cultural and scenic delights of this area. Serah is a hospitable host, a wealth of information and passionate about teaching guests about her people and their rich cultural heritage.

The main bungalow sits out over the water from its artificial island with a long sweeping veranda off the main room with a double and two single beds. Serah, husband Gustov and their parrot Jesse are happy to vacate their own house if another room is required. The food is reasonably priced considering access to ingredients in these parts.

Undertaken with the help of various local villagers, the displays and tours provide numerous options; including shell money production, panpipe and warrior dance performances, bridal gift and ceremony presentation, bark cloth making and traditional cooking. There is also an artificial island building display where you can learn the history of how and why these islands were first established. These will be the highlight of your stay and are recommended to be arranged a couple of days before your arrival.