This is the main town in Western Province and regarded as the tourism capital of Solomon Islands. Daily flights operate out of Honiara making the short hour trip out west very convenient. From Gizo you don't have to travel far to reach any of the popular visitor destinations with some world class, but Solomon Island style, resorts only a few minutes away.

Two of the nearby surf spots are Titiana and Pailongge, with exposed left and right hand reef breaks respectively and very reliable surf. Summer offers the optimum conditions with clean ground swells being more frequent than wind swells and ensuring the lines are clean and evenly spaced. The backdrop to these breaks are the tropical coconut palms along the shoreline and crowds depend on how many mates you invite.

Kolombangara Volcano
Regularly draped in cloud cover and rain, Kolombangara Island is an extinct cone shaped volcano towering at 1700m high and visible from most parts of Western Province. Potential hikers should exercise caution on this hike due to its remoteness and steep trails. Normally completed over two days, the first taking you to just below the summit. This will enable an early morning hike to the top for spectacular views before the regular cloud cover sets in for the day.

Simbo Island
At over 300m high, these two young volcanic cones mean an active thermal area of near boiling lakes and megapode birds incubating their eggs in the volcanic heat under the surface. The climb of the volcanic crater takes around two hours and includes dense rainforest, cascading vines, skull houses and upon request, the demonstration of traditional cooking by local villagers in the volcanic soil.

Kennedy Island
This very small island, surrounded by white sand and rich coral, is where John F Kennedy and other survivors from his sunken PT. 109 vessel swam ashore in 1943. If you are staying at the nearby Fatboys or Sanbis you can even paddle here in a kayak and you’ll normally find you have the island to yourself. Snorkelling and diving is also excellent at this location.

Tours can be arranged through the main resorts of Sanbis and Fatboys, as well as Dive Gizo. You can also book online at

The town of Gizo has enough of a main street to ensure you can get most of your essential supplies and services. There is an ANZ ATM and a Bank South Pacific with Western Union. There are a number of office supply shops with copying and business services including internet access, along with a Solomon Telekom outlet. Both large and small retail stores are spread throughout town featuring basic home and food supplies and between them you can normally find most of the things you need. Opposite the market is a butcher and the Gizo Bulk Store, selling various cooking ingredients and spices. KML Hardware is located in the centre of town with all your essential hardware supplies including water tanks and paint.
The Gizo market operates weekdays, with a very limited number of vendors on the weekends, offering the standard mix of Solomon Islands fruit, vegetables and fish. Dive Gizo, located opposite PT. 109, has a large gift shop filled with various handicrafts that they sell for many local villagers and is definitely worth a visit while in town.