Located in the middle of Western Province on the island of New Georgia, Munda is a small town overlooking Roviana lagoon with its many small islands. Your journey to discovering many wonders of the west starts here and it is a great central location to get to other destinations in the area. Evidence of the impact of World War II is clearly visible from its large sealed and some well established local roads.

Domestic flights operate regularly from Honiara. If travelling from Gizo, there is a return boat to Munda every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for S$150 each way. Regular boat services also operate from Honiara to Munda and other parts of Western Province taking a good day of travel.

Internet facilities are available at the Solomon Telekom building near the airport as well as mobile coverage and a solar powered ATM. Power supply in town is generally quite reliable compared to other parts of the Solomons. There is also a hospital in town, often with international medical students completing practical course work.

There are a couple of small stores in the main street selling essential food such as pasta, cereals, snacks, drinks and household items. There is also a hardware store, bakery and small market of local produce that operates daily.
In the main street, Travellers Restaurant is open six days from 9am - 5pm and puts on a good lunch. Fish and chips, hamburgers with salad, meat stir frys and rice dishes all for around S$25 – S$35. They also serve coffee and tea along with cold drinks including bush lime.


World War II
Being one of the central locations in the battle for the Pacific, there are a variety of interesting walks where you can visit displays featuring relics from the war. Items on show include bullets, saki bottles, helmets, medical equipment and guns, as well as personal effects such as spectacles, dog tags, razors, combs and jewellery. Nearby there is also a large number of rusting US military landing craft left behind after the war came to an end.

Skull Island
This is a must see while in the area. The tour guides have interesting stories to tell about ancestry and the head hunting of the past. The shrine of skulls features those of chiefs, warriors and their victims. There is also another altar located alongside which is used for traditional offerings by local fishermen to ensure a good catch.

Munda also has waterfalls, fishing, hiking and even a short boat ride to look for crocodiles along a nearby river.

Tours operate from Agnes Lodge and vary in price depending on local custom fees and transport costs.