Toa Maru
One of the South Pacific's most popular World War II shipwrecks, this 6700 ton 140m Japanese transport ship, Toa Maru, ran aground during an American air attack in 1943. The dive starts at an easy 7m and slants to 37m. Interesting artefacts adorn this vessel that sunk before it could be unloaded including sake bottles, medical supplies and office equipment. Larger objects include bombs, a motorbike, and even small tanks. Experienced divers can venture inside the wreck to the bridge, engine room, crew quarters and medical supply room.

Naru Gap is located at the main entrance to Gizo lagoon; this is a high speed drift dive where you can float effortlessly along the reef watching countless fish including Bump Head parrotfish, sharks and Eagle rays silently gliding past. Naru Wall is located on the outer side and stretches for 1km starting at a deeper depth, look for Pelagic fish and sharks in the blue water of Fergusson Passage. In the shallower depths there are a myriad of small reef fish around the soft and hard corals. For the more experienced diver, as you drift along the wall, a large knoll extends into the deeper water known as Yellow Corner. This knoll is covered with small iridescent yellow soft corals.

One Tree
This is one of the most beautiful dives in the area with huge Gorgonian sea fans, hiding Nudibranchs and many reef fish along with some pygmy seahorses for those with a sharp eye. White and black tip reef sharks also call this home.

American Hellcat Fighter Plane
The plane is nearly completely intact and lying in just 10m of water. The dive is high on the list for underwater photographers.

American Corsair Fighter Plane
The pilot of this plane crashed into the sea at great speed and the aircraft is in five recognisable large pieces around a depth of 27m. As with all dives in Solomons, the attraction is not only the wreck, but also the fantastic marine life, including an amazing number of clown fish.

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