Munda is situated in close proximity to some of the countries top dive locations with over 25 dive sites to explore and local operators, Dive Munda, are the people to get you there. Graham and Jen have recently taken over the well established dive company and offer a great variety of dive experiences. For example, one of their recent overseas guests had travelled to many of the top dive locations around the world, and had just returned for his second visit to Munda to undertake another 40 dives.

Shark Point
At the end of a reef protruding over a mile into open seas and bordering on a 600m plus drop-off, Shark Point can be dived at any depth from 10m to 60m. Shallower dives here offer pristine corals, large schools of fish including snapper, barracuda, Bump Head parrotfish, tuna and turtles. More experienced divers can venture deeper with their experienced guides, who will 'call' sharks closer. Species seen here include Grey reef, Black tip and White tip reef sharks at all depths, plus the chance of dramatic encounters with Hammerheads and several very large Silver tip sharks deeper on the drop-off.

Kasi Maru
The Kasi Maru, a Japanese freighter, was bombed at anchor after local coast watchers tipped off American forces. The wreck now sits only twenty meters from the shore; the hull lies in 18m, which makes it a good site for snorkellers and novice divers alike. More experienced divers can penetrate further into the fire-damaged engine room and accommodation.

This American SBD-4 Douglas (Dauntless) dive-bomber was shot down in June 1943 during a raid and is now a very popular dive site. Hit by anti-aircraft fire, Jim Dougherty (the pilot), attempted to fly back to the Russell Islands. Unfortunately, the aircraft and Jim made a crash landing in Rendova Harbour. In 1995, Jim returned to Munda to visit and dive his old plane on the anniversary of the day he was shot down.

Cave of the Custom Shark
To reach the start of this cave dive you’ll walk with full dive gear onto the island and through the mangroves. The cave entrance is a pool of fresh water about 2m wide. As you descend, the cave is large enough to be comfortable and there is a guide line through the cave for easier navigation. After penetrating the cave for about 12 minutes and reaching a maximum depth of 35m, you reach the outer wall of the island, along with the abundant sea life including Pygmy seahorses.

Haipe Pinnacle
This large site offers almost everything, with beautiful hard corals at the top of the reef, big Gorgonian fans and Elephant-Ear Sponges deeper. Two big drop-offs also attract the Pelagic fish, schools of big Maori wrasse, reef sharks, rays and large schools of reef fish. A great site for any level from novice to advanced.

Dive Munda are located next to Agnes Lodge, they can also pick you up from Zipolo Habu Resort.
Phone (677) 62156 or Email: divemunda@solomon.com.sb

Dive Munda