Walkers of medium level fitness shouldn't have any trouble tackling the track that takes around 45 minutes in, and a little longer for the return journey. The track is a gradual decline and fairly subtle for the most part, but becomes steeper as the cascades come into view.

The falls thunder down the valley in a magnificent tumbling cascade of fresh water. There are small wading pools ideal for children to explore and deeper ones to plunge into. Pack a picnic lunch and be mindful to take your rubbish back out with you.

Marcel Mino is the guide to ask for as you make your way along the first dirt road. His village is visible from the road and most people in the area should be able to help you find him. Marcel has been guiding visitors for years. He is very helpful and charges S$50 SBD per person for his aid in getting to the falls.
Getting there:
Drive west from Honiara past the various beaches. From Bonegi Beach, travel a further 3.6 kms and turn down a well-maintained gravel road on your left. Follow this road for 2.5kms and just past a shallow river ford is Vura village where you can contact Marcel. His house is a further 200m along the road on the right behind a copra dryer. Pick up Marcel and drive a further 8km to the beginning of the walking track.