KAHOVE WATERFALL (Trenches Creek Falls)
As you make your way up, you'll see spectacular cliff formations produced after many years of river flooding coupled with large mountains and trees reaching to the sky. It's like walking between tall buildings in a big city. Around half way along you walk through Bat Valley which can be quite eerie, but spectacular.
Pending on current flow of the river, you will wade through water of various heights. If the river is too deep, the guide may take you on a more inland route over a nearby ridge. The walk is a good two hours each way, with the difficulty of the walk being caused by the need for continual clambering over slippery rocks and sections of the river. Though my guides, Matthew, Melden and Benjamin, had little trouble carrying my backpack with little or no footwear.
Getting there:
The walk starts near the clinic at Kakabona beach. Either ask around for a guide or best to contact Betty who works at El-Shaddai Café, who will be happy to organise the walk for you.