This walk is less a trek and more a pleasant stroll. It is suited to visitors who don't want to travel a great distance from Honiara but are keen to get out of the city and explore an authentic Solomon Islands village while enjoying the beautiful natural environment.

The walking track runs parallel to a clear tranquil river for the most part. Either side of the river is thick rainforest, with tall trees and spindly vines dangling from the canopy above. There are a few varieties of wild flowers along the way, as well as small lizards scurrying into the undergrowth beside the track. Keep an eye out for the brilliant red dragonflies resting on the waters edge.

Nearer the village you will come to the watercress farms and a couple of small streams to step through. The watercress is grown in little patches along the river. The villagers wade knee deep through the river tending the little water gardens, looking similar to the rice paddy workers in Asia. It is a pretty sight tucked away in the forest.
As you approach the village, after approximately 1.1km, there is one final water crossing which is a thin plank, before heading up into the Macedonian Village. As you make yourself known the villagers will wander down to greet you with cheery smiles and small babies tucked onto their hips. Everybody is eager to have a look at the new faces. Ask for Peter Gii or either of his sons, Eddie or Philip, and expect to pay a custom fee of S$25 per person for a look around and the freedom to take photographs. The villagers are friendly, hospitable and happy to show you around. Follow them up to their leaf houses and cookhouses and to see the recently hatched ducklings.

There are also some World War II relics deeper into the bush that you can explore if you are keen to push on for an intensive hike and have more time. Peter recommends coming on Sunday when the men are normally around to guide you.
Getting there:
Travel west out of Honiara past the beaches. After 12km you will pass Bonegi Beach and the turn off to the track is 1km past this on the left and just before the next main bridge which is the Bonegi River. Follow this track inland for just over 1km until it ends at the rivers edge. Set out on foot on the walking track heading inland on the eastern side of the river for 100m. Cross the river here and you will find the next part of the track about 20m upstream. Follow this well worn track beside the river to the Macedonia Village. You are likely to meet one of the villagers along the way, they may be travelling back from their gardens or from Honiara, and will be able to guide you to the village.